Thursday, June 9, 2011

*Thoughts, New Loves, Questions, Pure Happiness*

~There are two car seats in my car again—just as there should be! It makes my car look perfect! Everyday I look back in my mirror and see those sweet faces…  <3

 ~“Are you a dad?” Carter

~Living in the country is awesome. There are so many neat sounds to listen to. I've purposefully not turned on music so that I could listen to the kids talking and all the sounds outside. Life is slower here. I loved it in GA; I love to be busy. But this is really nice, too.  

~“Is Aunt Debbie your step-mom?” McKenna

~Being able to make plans with the Leonards and see them every few days is so awesome. All 4 of them encourage and challenge me to be the very best that I can for Christ. They mean SO much to my life! 
~“What in the world!?” Carter (Darren gets cracked up after Carter says this! And I’ve heard Josh say it, too… It always makes me smile. And I find myself saying it!)

~The smiles, kisses, and hugs Darren and the kids share every day when he comes home. I love that. It makes me think of every day when my Daddy came home when I was little. So thankful for Daddies who work hard to take care of their families and who love us!
~One of my new favorite sounds: Carter’s voice saying, “Kenna!” 

~My room at the Hecks' is precious! It's getting closer to being done. Pictures to come some time pretty soon. Best part? The chandelier!!!!!!  (And that it's right next to Candice's room! :)

~“Sometimes I love people so much I could cry!”  McKenna (after waving bye to Uncle David who stopped by to say hi.)

~When a car passes me on the road, I always look to see where the car's from. It's always been neat to see a MO tag and think of my friends here. I passed a car the other day, and I was like--"A MO tag!" And then I was like, "Oh... right, Kara. You live in MO. Seeing MO tags is normal." But you know what? It still makes me happy!!
~"Is it time for Bible time?" McKenna (This one makes me so thrilled! Both Carter and McKenna love for us to do Bible time and school time together. They are very bright kids and are a joy to teach. It is such a blessing to see them growing every single day. We can learn so much for the example of little ones. 

~My new congregation is incredible! There is so much to do, so much to pray about, so many people I love! To God be the glory for all that is done there. Let us always be faithful and remember why we do what we do. The congregation at Chipman Road is in my prayers daily as well. That's where all my Hecks attend. It was awesome to go there 2 nights for the gospel meeting this week! GREAT group of Christians there!

~"Did you kiss me goodnight?" My MM She is such a great mom. I'm blessed by her example of working hard, trying to put God first in our lives, making it through hard times with faith, friends, and staying faithful to HIM. I love being here. <3 

~Ice Cream. I've eaten it way too many times in the past 2 weeks. But am I complaining? NOPE! :D

~"Life is good." Aunt Shauna. Every day her smile, her love of life, and her darlings touch my life and make my days that much better. There is not an hour that goes by while I'm at her house that I don't think of her. Her house is so sweet. It is such a home. Her love is incredible.


  1. Glad to see that you are adjusting well, Kara! Sounds like you are on an exciting new adventure. I know the family will benefit from sharing in your joy for the Lord

  2. Kara, I love you. I love your posts and your sharing of our lives with yours. Thank you for being you. xoxo

  3. I am so thankful I was able to finally meet you. I've heard about you for so long, and it was all true. You are such a blessing to the people you know, your happiness is contagious. Thank you for all of your hard work to encourage others, and bless the lives of those little ones!