Thursday, June 2, 2011


 Best Friends Forever. <3
Hours of happiness.  

 McKenna and Carter. My newest sweeties!

 Watching the men put a new roof on our neighbor's house. Part 2 comes tomorrow! :)

 First night in Missouri. Beautiful!

 Moma and Daddy are the sweetest! They sent me flowers on my first day! Look at my pretty girl there enjoying them, too! THANK YOU! And thank you to everyone for the FB posts, e-mails, and prayers for me and the Hecks. We love you all!

 Being the "BAD GUY"!


 My Carter Man

 Doggie McKenna. 

 A sweet and special moment out of yesterday. Eating strawberries that Mommy planted. They were yummy and beautiful. And we thank God for her every day. We look forward to Heaven and being together!

I've been working hard to do better about my personal Bible reading. And the kids and I do Bible time together daily which is very awesome. This has to be a first. Nothing else matters if we don't make it to Heaven.

 My little Star Wars buddy before Bible class on Wednesday night. I love that boy. And that bear. 

So many more pictures. Heaps of other stories. Memories. Prayers... But for now, goodnight. <3


  1. great great pictures kara!

    i may need a copy of the girlies walking hand in hand.
    it's priceless. :)

    you are so right~ nothing we do here on earth matters if we aren't faithful to HIM>

    love you!


  2. I love your pictures and your sweet comments. I am so thankful that you are very aware of the precious gift in your care. I love you!

  3. I adore the Star Wars bear! I think I must fine one for Ryan.