Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pics of a perfect week! :D

 Watching the men put a new roof on our neighbor's house...

 Waiting for the mailman...

 Sweetie pie! <3

 Enjoying our picnic blanket! :)

 Picnic with Abs...

 Flower Girlie!

 Little angels all in white. Such darlings!

 This is the tree outside of our library. It's pretty awesome. :) 

 Carter reading his "bad guy" book!

 Fun indoors!

 Look at that hair!

 Madison, my sweet princess! 

 The Hecks... There is still so much of their story to come... I look forward to watching it! 

The Heck kids (that I live with) outside the Concordia church building.
They have been my brothers and sisters for so long already. I've known their family for 17 years. It feels so normal to live with them. I LOVE THEM!!!

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  1. Lovin' your blog, Kara! Your photos are just precious! So glad you are happy with your new life in Missouri. Love you so much!